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Donut Shops in Milwaukee That Will Have You Coming Back for More

It’s time to take advantage of one of the few times that you can justify eating as many delicious donuts as you want. After all, you have just spent hours helping your Milwaukee movers pack, load, drive, unload, unpack, and rearrange all of your belongings in your new home – you’ve earned it!

Luckily, Milwaukee knows how to treat themselves, and consequently has no shortage of donut shops. Live a little and treat yo self and your Milwaukee moving company by taking a trip to one of these donut shops in Milwaukee.

Holey Moley. Have you ever had a passion fruit or violet flavored donut? We didn’t think so. Luckily, now that you have recently used your Milwaukee movers to relocate you to a new home, you can eat these delicious donuts as much as your heart desires!

The Drive-Thru. Perhaps the best option for those who are exhausted from unpacking with your Milwaukee moving company, you will quickly see why this donut drive-thru is one of the best donut shops in Milwaukee. Mini-donuts are all that are offered, and you get to choose whether you want them shaken in powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, or both if you are feeling crazy.

Grebe’s Bakery. One of the oldest donut shops in Milwaukee, Grebe’s Bakery has been serving donuts to locals and your Milwaukee movers since 1937. Make sure to get there early, the line on Sunday morning’s usually goes around the corner.

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