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Milwaukee Kids Can Get a Free Book & Meal This Summer

What better way to inspire kids to read more books other than offering them an incentive – especially if that incentive is a free meal? If you and your family are moving to Milwaukee this summer and you are in need of some assistance, Milwaukee movers want you to be aware of the local initiatives that keep school students fed and academically equipped throughout the summer break.

This is exactly what United Way and the Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee plans on doing. Meals will be given out throughout the city, at various schools and parks throughout the summer. The two organizations have joined together in efforts to not only keep children who need mean assistance outside of school fed, but also keep them academically active for the upcoming school year by providing them with free books. So far, they have collected over 20,000 books for the cause.

In an attempt to keep students reading throughout summer break, Milwaukee kids will be able to choose a new book every time they come to get a meal this summer – completely for free.

Vice President of community impact at United Way Nicole Angresano, explains that, “we are at a critical point in Milwaukee when it comes to academic achievement. We want to create opportunities over the summer to make sure young people stay on track and get ahead.”

The cause gave out 50,000 books to kids last summer and this year, United Way has set their bar even higher – 20,000 books higher. They have hopes of handing out at least 70,000 books to kids in the Milwaukee community this year. Moreover, the Hunger Task Force and United Way even collaborated with the Milwaukee Public Schools in order to effectively figure out which schools were in dire need of a program such as this. Allow your kids to take a break from moving this summer and send them to get a free meal and book!

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