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Milwaukee Movers Admire the “Crow’s Nest”

One of Wisconsin’s previously best-kept secrets has recently undergone a bit of a transformation, and along with the change has come a bit more attention than it may have ever received before; and your Milwaukee movers here have definitely taken notice. The “Crow’s Nest” as it was dubbed by its creator, Harry Wirth, is a twenty-five-year-old home which is magnificently unusual. Wirth is both the architect and the occupant of the Crow’s Nest; he lives in the stunning house with his wife, Kathy Sawicki. At first glance it doesn’t require any wonder at all to understand what makes this structure unique among other homes in Wisconsin; it is taller than it is wide, is spacious despite its mere 700 square feet of interior living space, and after its 2011 exterior renovation is even more of a work of art than it already was twenty-five years ago when Wirth and Sawicki first built the home!

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