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Milwaukee Movers Love New Water Slide

If the Cherry St. Bridge is part of your weekly route, you may have noticed a seemingly out of place water slide painted on a wall bordering the Milwaukee River. Your movers here frequently pass the ad/artwork and it has certainly grabbed our attention. A brilliant head-turner, the water slide painting starts at the top of the wall, and winds down ending cleverly where a natural water pipeline is to flow into the river. The already thought provoking piece of street art is actually part of an ad campaign aimed at increasing awareness of the importance of river water sanitation, and just became a little more thought provoking as the water flow was turned on today at noon! The advertising firm behind the water slide ad is called thirsty boy, and apparently has a lot more up their sleeves as far as raising river awareness is concerned. Your Milwaukee movers here are a fan of the message, and definitely a fan of the brilliant visual; we can’t wait to see what Thirsty Boy has in store!

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