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Milwaukee Secrets You Didn’t See Coming

Think you know everything there is to know about Milwaukee? Think again.

Your Milwaukee movers have been relocating families for over 25 years, and as a result we know a thing or two about the city. Fall even more in love with your new home with these Milwaukee secrets you didn’t see coming.

There’s a lake under Downtown. That’s right – there is literally a lake underneath downtown Milwaukee. Lake Emily, located below the Northwestern Mutual building, is easily Wisconsin’s least known body of water.

There’s hidden treasure buried here. A puzzle book written in 1982, called The Secret, is chock-full of clues leading to hidden treasure. Author Byron Preiss buried casks in 12 cities, and to date only two have been found – meaning that treasure buried in Milwaukee is still waiting to be discovered.

There’s a secret shipwreck. Your Milwaukee moving company can verify that there is indeed a nineteenth century ship sitting right off the coast of Bay View. In 1891 the ship, named Lightship 57, began to fall apart. As result, it was brought to Milwaukee and used as a clubhouse, until a storm caused it to sink in 1924. This secret shipwreck can still be seen today in just six feet of water.

There’s the oldest U.S. bowling alley. Take a break from unpacking and leave the rest to your Milwaukee movers in order to rent a couple lanes at the Holler House. Opened in 1908, this bowling alley is amazingly still using the original wood surface and pinsetters.

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