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Moving in a month?

So you’re moving in a month and a bit overwhelmed with all you must accomplish? Don’t worry! Keep reading and the next month of your life will suddenly seem much more simple. Now is a great time to start depleting your food supply. Your local Milwaukee mover’s truck is no place for food and perishables. Now is also a great time to start narrowing down your choice for the Milwaukee area mover you will hire. 

You can begin packing now. Remember to label each box so that it reaches its proper place in your new home. During your packing process, it is wise to separate valuables . Your Milwaukee moving company should provide special care for those items. The month is half over. Much of your packing is complete, and your food supply is dwindling down making for an easy kitchen pack. At this point you have surely hired your Milwaukee area mover dream team, and have reserved a date for your move. This is an excellent time to arrange to have the day off of work for your move. Also, go ahead and call to confirm that your mover and you are both on the same page regarding the move. Make sure that you understand all charges, and that your move date is confirmed. Continue to pack for the move, and accumulate all of your boxes and smaller furniture into one location in the home. This makes for a quick and simple truck loading process.

Your move is one week away. This is crunch time. This week you should pack a suitcase with clothes, hygiene supplies, and any other necessities you will need. Pack enough to last you at least a week. This way you allow yourself some time to relax in your new home before unpacking everything. But for now, Finish all packing! Throw away all trash, and food, and anything else which needs to be disposed of prior to the moving day. Defrost your freezer and empty your fridge. Also plan for your move payment. Make sure you have a credit card, cash, or a money order on hand on the day of your move.

The month has ended quickly. It is now the day of your move. Congratulations, you have made it this far, its almost over now. During the move, feel free to offer refreshments to your moving crew, they will greatly appreciate it! If you feel like your movers have done an outstanding job, it is customary to tip. Make sure that you take inventory before your move begins so that you can account for everything once it arrives at your new home. Finally, breathe a sigh of relief, and take a load off in your new home. You’ve earned it.

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