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Where to Go in Milwaukee on Valentine’s Day

Eating dinner in the middle of moving boxes is no way to spend Valentine’s Day!

Even though you have to use your Milwaukee movers during the second weekend in February, treat your loved one to an actual sit down dinner this year. Not only will you get bonus points for making the effort to make such delicious reservations, but you will also keep them wondering how you even knew where to go in Milwaukee on Valentine’s Day in the first place. Don’t worry, your Milwaukee moving company won’t give away your secret!

c.1880. This restaurant is known around town for having some of the most delicious food options in all of Milwaukee on their menu. After spending time packing up moving boxes and relocating with your Milwaukee movers, c.1880 is the perfect place to bring your loved one for an introduction to Milwaukee!

The Southern Bourbon. Do you love steak? Well, The Southern Bourbon is the place you want to go this Valentine’s Day. Between having to figure out which moving boxes go where to having to tell your Milwaukee movers which boxes to unpack first, you have definitely earned a 14 oz. Ribeye at this The Southern Bourbon!

Chefusion Eclectic Cuisine & Lounge. One of the newer restaurants in town, Chefusion Eclectic Cuisine & Lounge is offering a six course meal with live music in the lounge. You will love this place so much that we are will to bet you will be coming back long after your Milwaukee moving company finishes unpacking the last box for you.

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